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Grow Parsley for You and the Butterflies to Enjoy

Parsley is not just a garnish for your meals.  This Vitamin rich herb is a great addition to your garden and recipes.

Use fresh parsley in your recipes and increase Vitamins C and A in your diet. Herbalists have long believed and recent scientific research supports its benefits in lowering blood pressure.

The texture and color of parsley make it a great addition to the garden and your containers.

Use it in combination with vegetables, flowers and other herbs.

Try mixing it with sweet alyssum for a colorful and fragrant edge for your vegetable garden.

The dark green leaves of curled parsley make it a nice backdrop for Dreamsicle™ calibrachoa  and other flowers.

Plus, it is a food source for the swallowtail caterpillar.  Let them graze on your plantings and soon your garden will be filled with the graceful butterflies.   And it’s an easy way to add color and motion to the landscape.

A bit more information: Parsley is a biennial.  The first year it grows and produces leaves we can harvest throughout the season.  It often survives the winter and eventually produces flowers, seeds and dies.  The leaves are usually bitter that second season so you may want to replant each year for the most flavorful results.


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