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Grow Meyer Lemons Indoors

Glossy green leaves, fragrant flowers and edible fruit make growing Meyer lemon plants indoors a worthwhile endeavor.

Grow your plant in a sunny window and supplement lowlight conditions with artificial lights. Avoid drafts of hot and cold air that can lead to flower and fruit drop.

Use a quality potting mix and container with drainage holes. Don’t be anxious to move your plant into a larger pot as citrus plants like to be somewhat pot-bound.

Water thoroughly whenever the top few inches of soil are beginning to dry. Overwateing and growing plants in too large a container can lead to root rot.  Apply fertilizer as directed on the label between April and September.

Improve your success by increasing the humidity around your plant. Place it on a gravel tray filled with water. And keep the pot elevated above the water level.

A bit more information:  Prune out crossing, rubbing and wayward branches as needed.  Once flowers fade and fruit begin to develop, do a bit of thinning. Remove all but one or two fruits per cluster when marble size. You’ll have larger fruit and reduce the risk of excess fruit drop.



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