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Yellow Needled Evergreens

Add a bit of sunshine, optimism and cheer to your landscape year-round with yellow needled evergreens.

Enjoy the bright yellow foliage of Golden mops chamaecyparis year-round. The fine foliage of this mounded dwarf conifer adds color and texture to perennial gardens and mixed borders.

You won’t need pruners to maintain the pyramidal shape of the semi-dwarf Gold Drop arborvitae. Plus, the golden tipped branches maintain their color throughout the year.

The yellow needles of Morel red pine combine nicely with perennials like threadleaf coreopsis. And they are sure to brighten those gloomy winter days as they turn bright golden yellow.

Light up the shade with Golden Duchess hemlock’s graceful branches covered with vibrant yellow needles. Mulch to keep the roots cool and moist, provide afternoon shade and in colder climates protect from drying winter winds and sun.

A bit more information:  Make your golden needled conifers stand out in the landscape. Plant them in front of or near dark green or blue-green needled evergreens. And use yellow flowered perennials to echo their color and create unity in mixed borders.


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