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Stop Topping Trees

Topping trees is bad for the look and health of your trees and landscape. Plus, it increases maintenance and the risk of tree failure.

Topping is the removal of large branches and trunks from the top of the tree. This severe pruning stimulates the growth of many weakly attached branches right beneath the cut. As these grow in size they will need additional pruning. If they are left intact, they weaken the trees overall structure, making it a potential hazard.

So how do you bring a large tree down in size? First decide if you need to. Trees are designed to support normal size and growth. If necessary hire a certified arborist

Qualified arborists will use a reduction cut, also called drop-crotching or thinning to a lateral, to reduce the height of the tree. Longer branches are cut back to a side branch that is at least one-third the diameter of the limb being removed.

A bit more information: Consider hiring a certified arborist to prune large trees. They have the equipment, training and knowledge to do it correctly. Visit Trees are Good to find a certified arborist in your area.


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