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Living Willow Arbors, Fences and Structures

Create living tunnels, arches, domes and even chicken shelters from willow rods and whips. Willow rods are long cuttings that root quickly and whips are single stemmed transplants with minimal or no side branching. The cuttings root quickly and both grow fast, allowing you to create living architectural features in your landscape.

The willow structures can be grown in pots on walks, roofs and hard surfaces or planted directly in the soil.  Many willows produce extensive root systems so place them where this won’t create a problem.

Purchase long cuttings or make your own from suckers off a tree in spring. Stick the cut end into the ground to root.  Or plant whips at the same depth they were growing in the nursery. Mulch the soil to suppress weeds and keep the soil moist. Twist, bend, weave and secure the stems into the desired shape.

A bit more information: In spring – as soon as you can work the soil – is the best time to plant cuttings and begin the training process. You will find sources for cuttings, plant variety recommendations, design tips and planting recommendations on various sources on the internet.


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