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Don’t Wrap Tree Trunks When Planting or Preparing for Winter

Skip the trunk wrap when planting and caring for your trees.

Research found tree wraps don’t prevent sunscald, frost cracks or insect and animal damage. Some insects actually prefer the shelter of the wraps and many animals chew right through.  Plus, the temperature fluctuations under certain wraps can contribute to frost cracks.

Protect your trees from animal damage with a fence of hardware cloth.  Create a protective cylinder at least 4 feet high around the tree. Sink the bottom few inches into the soil to keep out the voles.

Reduce the risk of frost cracks and sunscald with proper plantingpruning, and care. Plant trees with the rootflare at or slightly above the soil surface, water thoroughly as needed and don’t pile mulch over the base of the trunk. And make pruning cuts flush to the branch bark collar not the trunk of the tree. 

A bit more information: If you decide to wrap your tree, apply it in fall and remove it each spring. Wrapping the trunks year-round or for more than 2 years can actually increase the risk of damage.


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