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Recycle Christmas Tree in the Garden

Don’t drag that Christmas tree to the curb to be hauled away by the trash collectors.  Give it a second, even third life, in your landscape.

Sweep and collect the fallen needles. Use these as mulch in the garden.

Use your cut Christmas tree as a windbreak or for added shade for your landscape plants. Place it on the windward side of rhododendron, boxwood and other broadleaf evergreens to reduce problems with winter burn. Set the tree on the south side of these plants to shade them from the drying winter sun.

Or remove the branches and use them as winter mulch over bulbs and perennials. Layer the boughs over the plants and soil to keep the soil consistently cold, reducing the risk of early sprouting and frost heaving.

Or set the tree in the landscape for a bit of added greenery. The birds will also enjoy the added shelter and you will enjoy watching these visitors to your landscape.

A bit more information:  Don’t worry about the tree needles making the soil too acidic.  They have very minimal and short term impact on the soil pH.  They will break down, adding nutrients and organic matter to the soil.


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