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Invite in the Birds for Natural Insect Control

Invite the birds into your landscape and decrease the number of insects attacking your garden.

Birds not only provide beauty for the eyes and ears, they also help control insect pests. Create an inviting habitat for birds and you’ll increase your enjoyment and eliminate your need for pesticides.

Include food, water and shelter. Grow coneflowers, chokeberry and other seed and berry plants birds prefer to eat. Allow small populations of insects to feed in the garden. Then watch as birds and beneficial insects move in to devour the pests.

Leave or create some natural spaces within your landscape. Allow protective plant thickets to develop and twigs and leaves to collect on the ground. Watch the birds gather these materials for constructing their nests.

Add a birdbath, fountain or other water feature. Set a few stones in the bottom so birds can rest and take a sip without getting wet.

A bit more information:  Change the water in your birdbaths several times a week. I do it every time I water nearby container gardens, so I don’t forget. Regular cleaning helps prevent algae, keeps birds healthy and avoids mosquito problems.

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