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Green and Easy Landscape Care

Being kind to the environment does not have to be difficult.  In fact, it can save you time and money.

Recycle your Christmas tree.  Use it as a bird shelter or windbreak in the winter.  Then stand and support it in the garden to use as a trellis for vining vegetables or flowers.

Leave fallen cones and evergreens in place as an attractive mulch.  They do not make the soil too acidic.  But they do help conserve moisture, suppress weeds, and improve the soil as they decompose.

Shredded leaves are another free organic mulch.  Use your mower instead of a rake to manage these. 

And include a compost bin.  Place one or two in the garden for convenient filling and emptying.  Or just create a pile, out of sight and let it rot.  Include only insect and disease free plant debris, but no meat, fat, or dairy that can attract rodents.  

A bit more information:  Christmas trees also make great mulch for tender plants.  Remove the branches from the tree and cover tender perennials, bulbs or other plants that would benefit from a bit of winter insulation.  For more ideas click here.

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