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Create Some Beauty from Landscape Trimmings

Turn tree and shrub trimmings into a beautiful wattle fence for your landscape. 

This old tradition has been a popular, low cost fencing method since medieval time.  Sturdy branches are used for the post while quick growing pliable stems of alder, willow and even grapevines are used for the woven sides.

Use tall wattle fences as dividers and screens in the landscape.  Include shorter ones within herb and perennial gardens for decoration, backdrops or to delineate space.  Cut the stakes to a length equal to the desired height plus the length to be sunk into the ground.  Use a mallet to pound the stakes in place.

Install stakes into the ground about 1 ½ to 2 feet apart on straight stretches and about every 12 inches along curved edges.

Weave the pliable branches through the upright stakes.  Repeat creating a basket weave pattern. 

 A bit more information:  For those feeling a bit more creative, try crafting obelisks and trellises from your landscape trimmings. Try this simple obelisk design.  Use 5 sturdy stems to create a teepee type framework.   Then weave the pliable branches in and out in a basket weave pattern at several places along the upright stems.  For a trellis simply lash, nail or staple sturdy stems together in an attractive pattern.  Make sure the design includes enough areas for the vines to attach.


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