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Celebrate National Moth Week with Nighttime Moth Watch

Join the worldwide celebration and take time to observe and appreciate one of the most diverse organisms on earth – the moth.

You don’t need to be an expert to join the celebration and help scientists gather data about these amazing creatures.  Just take some time to watch for these winged wonders, snap a picture and submit it to one of the cooperating organizations, they’ll do the rest. Visit NationalMothWeek.org for details.

Here are a few clues to help you in your search. Moths tend to have plump fuzzy bodies with straight, branched or feathery antennae. Butterflies are slender with knobbed antennae. Many moths have impressive colors and patterns while others blend into their surroundings. They can be as small as a pinhead or as big as an adult’s hand.

Many moths are nocturnal. So just leave on the porch light and wait for their arrival.

A bit more information:  Take it one step further. Hang a white sheet on the clothesline, shine a light on it and wait for the nocturnal moths to arrive. Keep the fun and learning going with this free downloadable moth coloring book.


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November 9
The Conservancy for Healing & Heritage
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