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Celebrate Earth Day – Conserve Water

On April 22nd people around the world will celebrate Earth Day.  Get involved by making a change in your own backyard. 

A little change in our habits can go a big way to make a difference. As gardeners we do this every time we plant seeds and grow our own food or design gardens for birds and butterflies to enjoy.

But consider new ways to conserve our precious resources, such as water, for your garden.  Collect water from your dehumidifier and use it to water houseplants or outdoor containers.  It’s not only free, but free of chlorine and fluoride found in tap water.  These compounds can cause leaf tips to turn brown on some plants. 

And those with water-cooled air conditioners may want to start collecting this water as well.  The Recycleholic estimates he collects 800-1,000 gallons of water from his dehumidifier and air conditioner during the summer months.

A bit more information: Keep a five gallon bucket in the bathroom.  Use it to collect the water that would otherwise be wasted when waiting for the water to warm up for your shower.  Pour the water into a watering can and use for watering your indoor plants and outdoor container gardens. 


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