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Weed Control in the Garden

No matter the time of the season, weeds seem to grow and thrive.  Keeping them under control will give you a healthier, more productive and attractive garden.

Pulling or cultivating works great for annual and some young perennial weeds.  Remove weeds before they set seed to reduce the number of weeds in next year’s garden. 

Deep rooted and persistent weeds like bindweed, creeping Charlie and quackgrass will return, if even a small portion of the root, rhizome or stem remains.

Consistently cutting the tops of these and any weed will eventually starve the roots and the plant will die.  But you must be more persistent than the weed.

Some of the new environmentally-friendly weed killers use vinegar, soaps and plant oils to burn plant leaves.  Repeat applications are needed for perennials.

Total vegetation killers kill the tops and roots of plants.  Protect nearby desirable plants to prevent damage.  And, be sure to read and follow all label directions before using this or any product.

A bit more information:  Use a gallon milk jug to create a shield when applying total vegetation killers.  Remove the bottom of the plastic jug and widen the top opening.  Cover the weed with the milk jug and spray on the plant killer.  I like to let the plant dry so the wet leaves on the treated plant can’t touch and transfer the vegetation killer to the leaves of nearby desirable plants.  Use several milk jugs to speed up the process.  Once the total vegetation killer enters the ground it is not absorbed by the roots of your plants and won’t kill them – good or bad.

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