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Weed Control

It starts with one little plant.  Next thing you know your garden is overrun with them.  Some start from seeds that have been dormant in the soil for years while others move in on the wind, in soil additives or with garden transplants. 

A few good strategies and a little persistence will help tame these unwelcome guests. 

Start by removing existing weeds.  Pull, dig, or use a cultivator to remove annual weeds.  Keep cultivators away from good plants to avoid damaging the roots of your good plants. 

Don’t compost, but rather dispose of perennial weeds like quackgrass and bindweed and invasive plants that can re-infest your garden.

Once the garden is weeded consider reducing future infestations.  Mulching with leaves, non-invasive annual weeds that have not gone to seed, or other organic material will help reduce weeds, while conserving moisture.  As the organic mulch breaks down it also helps improve the soil. 

A bit more information:  Research has shown that mulch is just as effective at preventing weeds as pre-emergent weed killers.  So keep mulching away those unwanted plants.

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