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Phomopsis Blight on Junipers

Yellow, dull red and brown branch tips on junipers is the first indication the plant may be suffering from phomopsis tip blight.

Take a closer look for small gray lesions on the discolored foliage. These eventually expand and kill the branch tips.

Manage this disease with proper pruning. Wait for dry weather then remove infected branches. Make your cuts at least 4 to 6 inches below the diseased areas. Disinfect your pruning tools between each cut by dipping them in a 10% bleach solution or alcohol for at least 30 seconds. A spray disinfectant with at least 70% alcohol can also be used.

Reduce the risk of future problems by maintaining adequate space between plants to maximize sunlight and airflow through the shrubs. Avoid overhead watering if possible and if not sprinkle early in the day so the foliage can dry quickly.

A bit more information:  Avoid excessive pruning. Severely reducing the plant’s size stimulates lush succulent growth that is more susceptible to this and other diseases.


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