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Non-toxic Management of Pests on Indoor Plants

The low light and indoor conditions can be rough on our houseplants, but create a great environment for aphids, mites, whiteflies and scale insects. 

Start with a shower of clear water. Wrap the pot, soil and all, in a garbage bag to prevent potting mix from going down the drain. The blast of water dislodges many of the pests that found their way onto your indoor plants. 

Place smaller plants in the sink and use a nozzle with a flexible hose, if available, to wash the upper and lower leaf surfaces. Move larger plants into the shower, washing both the upper and lower surfaces of the leaves.

Allow the plants to dry. Apply insecticidal soap or horticulture oil, like Summit Year-Round Spray Oil, to the upper and lower surfaces of the leaves, along the stems and at the junction of the leaf and stem. Repeat as needed.

A bit more information:  Always read and follow label directions whenever using synthetic or natural products. Test sensitive plants by spraying just a leaf or two before treating the whole plant.


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