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Edible and Nutritious Lambsquarter, Chenopodium album

Lambsquarters, pigweed, and goosefoot are just a few names of an edible plant most gardeners treat as a weed. Consider its nutritional and culinary benefits before dismissing this plant.

The adaptable lambsquarters contains iron, protein, calcium, B1 and B2. The leaves can be eaten raw or steamed like spinach. In fact, its popularity waned once its relative spinach was introduced.

Limit the amount of raw leaves eaten as they contain oxalic acid that can be toxic in large amounts. This is not a concern once the lambsquarter is cooked.

Regular picking will ensure lots of tasty new growth and prevent the plant from forming up to 75,000 seeds during its season of growth,

Don’t harvest plants growing in fields that have been heavily fertilized or treated with chemicals.

A bit more information: If you like chard, kale and spinach you may find this earthy mineral flavored weed to your liking. Those with health issues should consult their doctor before eating this or any other plants containing oxalates.



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