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Eco-friendly Lawn Weed Control

A healthy lawn is your best defense against weeds.  So if you want to reduce the problem - long term- you need to learn a bit more about the weeds.

Weeds become a problem when the growing conditions or climate are better for the weeds than your grass.  Weedkillers will kill the existing plants or weed seeds, but until you correct the poor growing conditions the weeds will keep coming back.

Let's look at a common and one of the more difficult weeds to control.  Clover is a favorite of kids and rabbits but irritates many gardeners.  Years ago clover was added to seed mixes as a nurse crop.  This legume fixed nitrogen to help fertilize the growing lawn.  Now many gardeners consider it a weed.  If clover is a problem - get your soil tested, adjust your fertilization program according to soil test results to make sure your lawn is receiving the nitrogen it needs. Fertilizer not weedkillers is the long term solution.

A bit more information:  Crabgrass is another common weed.  It thrives in hot dry weather allowing it to outcompete our cool season grasses. Reduce crabgrass by growing your lawn 3 to 4 inches tall. Taller grass is better able to overpower the crabgrass. Fertilize in fall to encourage lawn grasses to grow and fill in bare spots.  If you decide to treat use the eco-friendly corn gluten meal in spring to prevent these and other lawn weed seeds from sprouting.


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