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A New Invasive Insect Pest

Gardeners, be on the lookout for invasive insects. You’ve probably heard about the Asian Long horn beetle and more than 24 states and several provinces in Canada have found Emerald Ash Borers (as seen in the photo here) feeding on native and landscape ash trees. The latest invader, the lanternfly, was discovered just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in September.

Even if you don’t live near Philadelphia, it’s helpful to have as many people watching for this and other invaders that may infest our landscapes and natural spaces.

The colorful lanternfly is a moth like insect with black spots on a pair of tan wings and a second pair of wings that are red, white and black. It feeds on leaves and young stems of hardwood trees and grapes and has the potential to cause great economic and environmental damage.

Contact your local extension service if you see this or a new infestation of other invasive insects.

A bit more information:  Entomologists are continuing to evaluate the extent of the infestation.  For more detailed information click here.

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