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Shrubs that Attract Birds

Birds can add color and motion to your landscape year round.  Planting shrubs that provide food and shelter is an easy and affordable way to bring birds into your backyard. 

Include evergreens like arborvitae and yews to provide shelter for the birds.  The prickly heat and drought tolerant juniper is another evergreen that provides a safe haven and food for wildlife.

Add some deciduous shrubs for additional shelter and food.  The shade tolerant Aronias, known as chokeberries, provide food for birds and four seasons of interest in our landscape.  Viburnum fruit brings in the birds while their spring flowers and fall color brighten our landscape.

Dogwood berries are a favorite of many birds, while we can enjoy their flowers, fruit, colorful bark, form and fall color.  Elderberries tolerate some shade and wet soils and help feed the birds.  And don’t forget the shrub roses.  Their fruit, known as hips, are high in Vitamin C – good for us and the birds that like to visit throughout the winter.

A bit more information: Bird-attracting shrubs can be used in mixed borders with trees, perennials, annuals and bulbs.  Use a combination of these plants to create year round beauty in the landscape as well as food and shelter for the birds.  Or, plant them in groupings to screen bad views or create quiet spaces.

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