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Prevent Window Collisions When Feeding Wild Birds

Prevent window collisions when feeding wild birds with these few strategies.

Place feeders within 3 feet or more than 30 feet from windows to prevent fatal collisions. When feeders are close to the window birds usually don’t generate enough momentum for fatal collisions.

If moving the feeders doesn’t work, try altering the windows. Walk outside to the feeders and look at the offending window. If you can see through the window, so can the birds. Changing the lighting or using window decals can help break up the view and discourage collisions.

Reflective windows need the outside of the glass altered. Smearing soap on the window, hanging streamers, and even dead branches can help prevent collisions. 

Old screens and netting stretched taut over the window reduces the risk of fatal collisions. Birds that fly into the covering are less likely to suffer an injury.

A bit more information:  It is estimated that at least 100 million birds are killed each year in the United States due to collisions with window glass. Check out these additional tips from Cornell University to help prevent window collisions when feeding birds.



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