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National Nest Box Week

Feb. 14th to Feb. 21st is National Nest Box Week in the United Kingdom. It’s also a good time for all of us to look for opportunities to add birdhouses to our landscape.

With fewer dead trees and other naturally occurring nesting sites, birds need our help. 

Purchase or make birdhouses appropriate for the birds in your area. Use untreated, unpainted wood secured with galvanized screws. These are more secure than nails and easier to remove if needed. Keep things dry inside with a sloped roof and recessed floor with drainage holes.

Help moderate the inside temperature by using boards at least ¾” thick and with ventilation holes near the roof. Drill two 5/8” holes just under the roof on each side of the house.

Visit the Cornell Lab NestWatch website for more details on making, installing and maintaining birdhouses.

A bit more information:  The place you locate your birdhouse is as important as providing the right style. Bluebirds prefer open fields where they can feed on insects, while chickadees prefer their homes in a small stand of trees or shrubs.  Most birds prefer their house facing away from the prevailing winds.



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