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National Bird Day – Time to Plan a Bird Garden

Bird watching and gardening go hand in hand. Celebrate National Bird Day, January 5th, by taking a moment to stop and observe the birds visiting your garden.

As you watch make notes on what plants provide food and shelter. Then look for opportunities to add more to the landscape.

Consider evergreens for shelter. Junipers and pines tolerate hot dry conditions. Hemlocks tolerate shade and need shelter from winter winds. Spruces and firs like moist well-drained soil and full sun. And the many dwarf varieties make it possible to add evergreens to even small yards and balcony gardens.

Consider trees and shrubs with berries such as dogwood, crabapples, viburnums and hawthorns. These add color to the landscape for our enjoyment and food for the birds. And when possible, use native plants suited to the growing conditions in your backyard.

A bit more information: Thorny bushes and trees like hawthorn, pyracantha and raspberries provide songbirds with shelter and protection from predators. Include a birdbath or water feature with a shallow pool or strategically placed stones. A constant water supply will also help attract birds to your landscape.

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