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Holiday Tree for You and the Birds

Create a festive holiday tree outdoors for you and the birds to enjoy.

Dress up your evergreen trees or shrubs with strands of cranberries and popcorn. Add some orange slices for added color and food for the birds.

And keep small hands busy by making some birdseed ornaments.  Use cookie cutters to cut slices of bread into festive shapes. Punch a hole near the top. Then toast or allow the bread to dry.  Coat with peanut butter and sprinkle with birdseed. Run a colorful ribbon through the hole and hang it in the tree.

Or collect and decorate evergreen cones. Cover the scales of the cone with peanut butter or suet. Roll in birdseed.  Use colorful yarn to hang these from the tree.

Bird seed ornaments also make great gifts for gardeners and bird watchers. Wrap them in cellophane add a ribbon and you have a perfect gift. No dusting or batteries required.

A bit more information: Once the holidays are over, move your fresh cut Christmas tree outdoors. You’ll provide additional shelter for the birds and have another tree to decorate for you and the birds to enjoy. See my Family Fun Feeding the Birds video for more ideas.


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