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Create a Bird Feeding Station in Honor of National Bird Feeding Month

Stop and take a moment to enjoy the beauty and sound birds add to your winter landscape. Then start planning and create a bird feeding station to attract more to your gardens.

Create your feeding station where you can easily view the feeders and colorful visitors. Place feeders within several feet of your home to reduce the risk of deadly window collisions.

Include a variety of feeders and bird food to help you attract a diverse population. And don’t forget about ground feeders like juncos, quails and morning doves.

Provide a bit of shelter from the elements by fastening an evergreen bough to the shepherd’s crook above the feeder.

Make sure there are trees and shrubs within 100 feet to provide songbirds a quick escape from predators.  And avoid low-growing shrubs that provide cover for outdoor cats that kill over a billion song birds each year.

A bit more information:  Mulch the area under the feeder to suppress weeds and for a neater appearance. And consider adding more bird-attracting plants.  Select nectar filled flowers for hummingbirds as well as seed- and berry-producing perennials, shrubs and trees. 



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