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Mark Plant Locations when Planting

Sprouting plants can be challenging to identify. Gardeners often have trouble sorting the weeds from the flowers they planted.  Take some time at planting to help identify emerging plants in future seasons.

Many of us tuck the plant tag in the soil next to each plant. Some of you may not like the look of a garden filled with tags and choose to remove them.  Even if you leave the tags in place, they may get moved or disappear.

A map of the garden combined with pictures of the plants can help you locate and identify emerging plants in spring.

Consider taking a picture of the young plant next to the tag at the time of planting. This will help you identify the young plants as they emerge at the start of the season.

Take a picture of the back of the tag as well. You’ll have the information needed to successfully grow the plant.

A bit more information: Sink a short piece of dowel rod or long golf tee into the soil next to the plant. This is a subtle way to mark the location of desirable plants, making it easier to find them in spring.


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