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Create a Seed Starting/Growing Chart

Get a jump on the growing season and save money by creating a growing chart. 

Start by inventorying your current seed collection.  Decide what seeds you want to keep and grow this season and those you want to pass along to gardening friends.  You may choose to make seed art with older or improperly stored seeds and invest in fresh seeds that are sure to germinate.

Check catalogues or your favorite garden center for any seeds you need to purchase.  Place your order early for the best selection.

Next, look at the back of the packet to determine when you need to start the seeds indoors or out.  Record the start date on your calendar, garden chart or a spreadsheet to make this process easy.

And while you wait, prepare a space and organize supplies for starting seeds indoors.  Clear a space, check your grow lights and gather the needed seed starting mix and clean containers.

A bit more information: Not sure your seeds are still viable?  Most seeds if stored in consistently cool dark conditions will last several years.  Check the seed viability with a germination test.  Put 10 seeds wrapped in a damp paper towel in a plastic bag.  If half the seeds sprout, you will need to plant the seeds twice a week.  For more details on checking seeds for viability click here to watch my video.


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