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African Violet and Jade Leaf Cuttings

Start some new houseplants from just a leaf of your jade or African violet

Let’s start with African violets.  Use a small plastic container with drainage holes for rooting.  Fill it with a well-drained potting or African violet mix.  Remove a leaf with about a half inch or more of the stem attached.  Sink just the stem into the moist potting mix.  Water from the bottom or use room temperature water to avoid damaging the leaf.  In 4 to 8 weeks you will see a new plant start to grow.

Jade plants will often propagate this way on their own.  As leaves drop off the plant they may root alongside the parent plant.  You can do the same.  Remove a leaf and let it sit overnight.  Then place the leaf, cut side down, in a well-drained cacti or succulent mix to root.  Water just enough to keep the leaf from shriveling.  In a month or two your new plant should appear.

A bit more information:  You can also start jades and other succulents from leaf stem cuttings.  Make 2 to 3 inch cuttings and let them air dry for a day or two to form a callous over the cut end.  Place in a well-drained potting or cacti and succulent mix.  Water when the soil is dry and just enough to keep the leaves from shriveling.

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