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Winter Solstice - Why as Days Lengthen the Temperatures Drop

Celebrate the winter solstice and welcome in longer days by lighting a candle, burning a log in the fireplace or firepit, and with a traditional Yule log cake.

As you welcome the lengthening of daylight, you may contemplate the old proverb “As the days lengthen, the cold strengthens.” Many places in the Northern Hemisphere experience the coldest average temperatures in January even though the days are getting longer.

Here’s the science behind this proverb. The delay of colder temperatures occurs because the amount of solar energy the ground receives is less than what’s lost for this period-of-time.

The coldest stretch of the year in your area is influenced by your proximity to large bodies of water, prevailing winds, and snow cover.

Although the temperatures may drop, enjoy the longer days with a walk in the woods, at a nearby park or through your neighborhood.

A bit more information:  Burning the Yule log or baking and eating a Yule log cake (Bûche de Noël) are just a couple ways people celebrate the winter solstice. Yule log cakes make an attractive centerpiece and delicious dessert for your winter gatherings.  


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