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Winter Lawn Care

Give your lawn a break this winter.  Adjust your lawn care practices and use with the change in seasons.

Limit activity on dormant lawns. Overuse can weaken the grass and create bare spots.

Even those in mild regions where the grass is still green need to limit activity when a sudden drop in temperature occurs. If the lawn suddenly goes from growing to frozen, lots of concentrated activity can kill plants, resulting in bare spots. 

Those dealing with snow should always shovel first before applying deicing salt.  Less salt laden snow will end up on the lawn and in the planting beds. This also means less plant damage and less money spent on deicing compounds.

Put away the fertilizer – there’s no need to feed grass that is not growing.  And if the ground is frozen, the fertilizer will wash off the lawn and pollute our waterways.

And skip the weedkillers when the grass is dormant.

A bit more information: Selecting the right grass for your growing conditions is critical to managing a healthy lawn in a sustainable manner.  You’ll spend less time managing your lawn and need to use less resources to keep it healthy.



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