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Waterwise Lawn Care

Manage water wisely as you care for your lawn throughout the summer.

Mow high. Taller grass forms deeper roots and is more drought tolerant. Leave the clippings on the lawn to return moisture, nutrients, and organic matter to the soil.

Conserve water by allowing your lawn to go dormant until favorable weather returns.  If you decide to water your lawn, water thoroughly and only when needed. Grass blades turn a bluish green, often wilt or curl when in need of watering. And look to see if your footprints remain when walking across the lawn late in the day. Confirm your suspicions with the screwdriver test. You’ll find it difficult to push into the ground when the soil is dry.

Water early in the morning to reduce water lost to evaporation. Use a sprinkler that minimizes water wasted on walks and drives.

A bit more information: Repair leaky hoses and spigots to reduce waste.  According to the EPA, household leaks – indoors and out – waste nearly 1 trillion gallons of water annually in the United States.


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