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Temporary Relocation and Care of Perennials

Whether you’re moving to a new location, having construction work done or suffering with underground utility repair, you may be forced to move perennials out of their garden and into temporary storage.

Consider digging and planting the perennials in containers. Use old plastic pots headed for recycling and a quality potting mix. Plant the perennials at the same depth they were growing in the garden. Check soil moisture daily and water thoroughly as needed.

Those in cold climates will need to provide winter protection. Sink the pots in the ground to insulate the roots. Or store the potted plants in an unheated garage and water whenever the soil is thawed and dry.

You can also heel the plants in a vacant garden bed. Dig a trench, set the plants close together and cover the roots with soil.  Water thoroughly as needed.

A bit more information: Talk to friends and relatives if you lack the space to temporarily store your plants. Many are happy to help.  Just be sure you are not passing along the invasive jumping worm or weeds.


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