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National Gardening Exercise Day

It’s National Gardening Exercise Day, so get out and workout in your garden today!

Whether you have a large landscape, small city lot or garden in containers, indoors or out, you will burn calories, lower your blood pressure and improve your mood through gardening.

Plus, you will be nurturing beautiful flowers for bouquets and fresh fruits and vegetables for your dinner table.

No garden? Then plant one. Consider planting a pot of your favorite grilling herbs to grow right next to the grill. Or plant a pot or patch of black and blue salvia, cuphea, also known as cigar plant, and fuchsias to bring hummingbirds to your garden.  And don’t overlook the benefit of growing tomatoes and peppers in a garden or container. They provide lots of vitamins and antioxidants – a perfect complement to your garden workout.

Make sure to follow a sensible routine, just like your workout at the gym.

A bit more information: Warm up with slow gentle motions. Then ramp up your garden workout with a few lunges as you weed. And be sure to finish gardening with some gentle stretches and slower movement.


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