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Managing Difficult Grass Growing Areas

Keeping grass along walkways and drives green and growing can be challenging. Before treating the weeds and reseeding these problem areas, look for some long-term lower maintenance solutions.

Start by evaluating the cause of poor grass growth in these areas.  Compacted soil from foot traffic is often the culprit. Consider redesigning the walkway or landscape design to accommodate foot traffic patterns.

Eliminate narrow bands of grass and weeds between sidewalks and mulched tree rings or garden beds. Expand the mulch right up to the sidewalk, eliminating the need to mow the declining grass and weeds.

Create curves instead of right angles when two walks or a walk and drive intersect.  This way when people cut corners they are walking on pavement instead of killing the grass. Consider using permeable pavers to reduce runoff.

A bit more information:  Reduce damage from deicing salts by shoveling first and then only salting as needed. Consider lining heavily salted walks with pavers to limit salt reaching lawns and planting beds. Use plant-friendly salt when possible. And incorporate permeable pavers into your redesigns. They reduce run off by directing water back into the soil and eventually the groundwater.


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