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Gift of Gardening for Father’s Day

Give your dad the gift of your time and energy while being kind to the environment. 

Offer to weed and mulch the garden.  Pull or cultivate existing weeds.  Dispose of invasive weeds and aggressive perennial weeds.  Be sure to compost annual weeds that have not yet gone to seed.

Cover the freshly weeded area with a layer of shredded leaves, evergreen needles or herbicide-free grass clippings.  Use a 2 to 3 inch layer of shredded bark or woodchips around trees and shrubs, being careful not to pile the mulch over the trunk or stems of the plants.

Help him start a compost pile or worm bin.  He can recycle plant-based kitchen scraps and pest-free landscape trimmings into a valuable soil amendment.

Clean and organize the garage or shed.  You may find some hidden treasures that can be converted into garden art or containers.  Plus, dad will thank you every time he opens the door to retrieve his tools.

A bit more information:  Add an extra layer of protection by placing newspaper or cardboard under the organic mulch.  It adds an extra layer of weed prevention, but eventually breaks down and improves the soil.


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