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Cleaner Air Mowing

The grass is up and growing and the roar of lawn mowers can be heard throughout the neighborhood.  Minimize the negative impact of your gas mower on the environment with a few easy tricks.

Whether gas or electric, keep the bottom of the mowing deck clean and free of debris buildup.  And sharpen the blades for a cleaner cut that closes faster, reducing moisture loss, risk of disease and improving your lawn’s appearance.  Plus, both these practices reduce the workload on the engine and increase fuel efficiency.

Be sure to use a funnel when filling your mower with gas. 17 million gallons of fuel, mostly gasoline, are spilled every year while refueling lawn equipment, according to the EPA. Even small spills can contaminate our soil, water and air. As the gasoline evaporates it pollutes the air, releasing vapors that can be hazardous to our health. And even a few ounces of spilled gasoline may be enough to contaminate a nearby well.

And always remove the spark plug whenever performing maintenance on your mower.

A bit more information: Further reduce the negative impact on the environment by investing in a hand powered push or electric mower.  You will reduce the negative impact on the environment and burn a few extra calories as well.


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