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Watering Tips for Houseplant Care

Improve your indoor gardening success with these few watering tips.

Most plants need to be watered when the top inch of potting mix is dry to the touch. Water moisture loving plants a bit more often but cacti and succulents less often.

Water thoroughly so the excess water drains out the bottom of the pot. Pour off the excess water to avoid rot. Or place pebbles in the bottom of the pot, elevating it above the water.

Use room temperature water to avoid shocking the plants and damaging leaves of African violets. Avoid water on the crowns of the plants. This can cause decline and even death especially in African violets and some begonias.

Keep in mind plants in smaller containers will need more frequent watering than those in larger pots. Most plants need less frequent watering in winter when the light intensity is lower, and the house is cooler.

A bit more information: The more you garden the easier it gets.  You will start to notice the pot is much lighter and the leaves of plants turn a gray green when it is time to water.


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