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Vacation Care for Indoor Plants

Summer is the time for vacations and travel.  And if you can’t find a plant sitter, you may need to get creative when it comes to keeping your indoor plants alive. 

Start by creating a mini terrarium.  Water your plants thoroughly.  Set them in the sink or tub and cover with clear plastic.  This closed system will keep your plants moist. 

Or create a self-watering pot or system.  Fill a plastic container, bucket, or tin with water.  Run cotton or felt strips from the water reservoir into the pot.  The water moves through the fabric to the container, keeping the potting mix moist.

Or use a capillary mat.  Set a felt mat on the dish drainer beside the sink.   Run the mat over the edge and into the sink filled with water.  Place plants on the mat.  The water will move through the mat and to the plants where it is needed.

And no matter what method is used – give it a test run before leaving town.

A bit more information:  Double potting houseplants in clay pots can help extend the time between watering.  Set the clay pot inside a slightly larger plastic pot.  Fill the gap with moist sphagnum to slow drying and serve as a moisture reservoir.


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