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Transplanting Houseplants (Indoor Plants)

Stunted growth, roots growing out of the drainage holes and water running right through the pot are just a few of the clues your house plant may need a bigger home. And, if the pot is filled with roots, you know it’s time to make the move.

Select a container with drainage holes only one size bigger than the existing pot.  Making the leap to a much larger container can lead to root rot.

Slide the plant out of its current pot.  Gently loosen or slice through any girdling roots to encourage them to grow into the surrounding soil instead of continuing to encircle the root ball.

Use fresh potting mix and set the plant in the container so it is growing at the same depth it was before. Water thoroughly to remove air pockets and adjust your watering schedule as needed.

You can divide some plants like ferns, snake plants, and pothos that have overgrown their pot. Use a sharp knife and cut the rootball into halves or fourths.  Plant the smaller pieces in pots slightly larger than the new rootball. 

A bit more information:  Avoid the disappearing soil syndrome.   A colleague of mine shared this tip.  She places a piece of floral foam (the soft material florist use for arranging flowers) in the drainage hole.  It allows water to pass through but keeps the soil inside the pot.

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