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Tips for Growing Healthy Houseplants

Start or expand your indoor garden and keep plants growing their best with a few simple tips. 

Select indoor plants that match the growing conditions such as light and humidity as well as your schedule.  Cacti and succulents are good choices for busy people with lots of light while pothos and snake plants are perfect for low light situations and people who like to provide minimal care.

Water thoroughly and as needed for the plants you are growing.  Most tropical plants should be watered thoroughly whenever the top few inches of the potting mix is slightly damp.

Place tropical plants on a gravel tray to increase humidity, avoid root rot and decrease your workload.  Place pebbles in a saucer or other shallow container.  Set the plants on top of the pebbles above any water that collects in the pebbles.  As the water evaporates, it increases humidity around the plant. 

Group your plants together for easier maintenance and increased humidity.  As one plant transpires (loses moisture from its leaves) its neighbors will benefit from the increase in humidity.

A bit more information: When selecting houseplants keep in mind trees, awnings and sheers decrease the light your indoor plants receive. Consider moving plants to a sunnier south window during the shorter gray days of winter.  And try rotating plants in between low and bright light conditions every few weeks.


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