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Three Tips for Holiday Plant Care

The gift of a living plant can generate a smile in just a few seconds. But making sure the plant maintains its beauty can be stressful for the recipient. Here are a few tips to share when you give the gift of a holiday plant.

Once the plant arrives home, remove the plant from its protective sleeve and bend down the edges of the foil pot wrapper. This allows light to reach all parts of the plant.

Place in a brightly lit location away from drafts of hot and cold air.

Punch holes in the foil pot wrapper to allow water to drain. Set it on a saucer to protect your furniture.

Pour off excess water or place pebbles in the bottom of the decorative basket, saucer or foil to elevate the pot above any excess water that collects.

And make sure the plant arrives in good shape by protecting it from temperature extremes on its trip from the store to its final destination.

A bit more information: If the leaves turn yellow or start dropping, do a bit of detective work. Make sure your plant is not sitting in excess water that collected in the foil, saucer or decorative pot.  Pour off the excess water and adjust your watering schedule. Improper watering is the most common cause of problems. And move the plant to a brighter location out of drafts of hot and cold air if needed.


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