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Snake Plant

The phrase “Tough as nails” is often used to describe the snake plant also known as Mother-in-laws tongue and Sanseveria.  Many gardeners have the common sanseveria that easily lives for decades despite busy schedules and inexperience. Consider expanding your collection with one of the more unique snake plant varieties.

Cylindrical snake plant has round leaves with dark green stripes and a pointed tip. It can grow to 2 or 3 feet tall.

Add a unique form to your collection with the spiral twisted leaves of Twist sanseveria. The striped leaves have a yellow border and grow to 14 inches tall.

Bantel’s Sensation also known as White snake plant has narrow leaves with white vertical stripes. This plant eventually grows to 3 feet tall.

For shorter tabletop options consider Golden Hahnii with buttery yellow leaf edges or Rhino Grass with a reddish hue to its thick leaves.

A bit more information:  Mature plants growing in a bright location or those under stress will produce flowers. The small white flowers are very fragrant.


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