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Prepare Indoor Plants for the Winter Season

Fall and winter mean shorter days and lower indoor light for many gardeners and their indoor plants. Help your houseplants adjust to these changes and thrive throughout winter.

Move your plants to the sunniest, usually a south facing window, if possible.  If space is limited rotate plants between low light locations to sunnier spots indoors. Turn plants regularly, so all the parts of the plant receive sufficient light.

Adjust your watering schedule. Plants growing in lower light conditions need less frequent watering. But take in to account air temperature as well. If you keep your house warm, the humidity is low and plants may dry out more quickly.

Stop fertilizing unless your plants are actively growing.

Group plants together to increase humidity, but give them enough space so their leaves and stems are held in their natural position.

A bit more information:  Improve growing conditions by supplementing natural sunlight with artificial lights. New full spectrum energy efficient LED lights provide the wide range of light that indoor plants need.


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