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Add some greenery to your indoor décor and improve the air quality with the help of the low maintenance pothos plant. 

Hang a basket of pothos from the ceiling or wall to keep it away from plant nibbling children and pets, set a decorative pot on the table or train these vines up a decorative support.

Grow them in bright indirect light for the best color. They will tolerate lower light but the gold, yellow or white leaf markings may fade.

Water plants thoroughly when the top few inches of soil are starting to dry.  Be careful not to overwater. Soggy soil is the most common cause of death of this plant. Pour off any excess water that collects in the saucer. Or eliminate this step by placing pebbles in the saucer to elevate the plants above this excess water. As the water evaporates it increases the humidity around the plant.

A bit more information:  Encourage fuller more compact growth by pruning off overly long stems. Prune just above a healthy leaf for a neater appearance.  Start new plants by rooting these cuttings in moist potting mix. Or grow the cuttings in a vase of water. Just add fresh water as needed.

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