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Plants & Indoor Gardening Tips for Busy Gardeners

Whether it’s a busy schedule or forgetfulness, you can turn past indoor gardening failures into success with a few simple strategies.

Always select plants that not only tolerate your indoor growing conditions but also your schedule and style of maintenance.

Grow plants in plastic or glazed containers that retain moisture longer than unglazed terracotta pots. Extend the time between watering with self-watering pots and supplemental watering devices like aqua cones and plant nannies.

Newer hydroponic growing kits help reduce maintenance and take the guesswork out of watering.

Select plants that tolerate benign neglect. Cacti and succulents like it dry but need bright light. Try drought tolerant cast iron plant, pothos, snake plants, philodendron and ZZ plants for low light locations.

A bit more information:  Even drought tolerant plants need watering. Check soil moisture by sticking your finger into the top inch of soil. Water thoroughly when it is dry and pour off any excess water that collects in the saucer.


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