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Norfolk Island Pine Holiday Tree

Add a living evergreen to your indoor garden and holiday celebrations.

The Norfolk Island pine has long been a favorite of indoor gardeners.  Plus their pine-like appearance makes them a great living Christmas tree.  Add a bit of garland and a few small ornaments for a festive effect.

Grow this plant in a cool well-lit location avoiding drafts of hot and cold air.   Occasionally, turn plants growing in front of windows to insure even growth.

Low humidity and dry soil are usually the cause of dry and brown needles and branches.  Use a gravel tray to reduce your workload and increase your growing success.

Place pebbles in the plant saucer.  Set the container on the pebbles so it rests above the excess water that collects in the saucer. 

Water thoroughly whenever the soil is just slightly moist.  The excess water collects in the saucer and increases humidity around the plant as it evaporates.

A bit more information:  The Norfolk Island Pine (Araucaria heterophylla) is native to Norfolk Island in the South Pacific.  Hardy in zones 10 and 11 it can reach heights of several hundred feet in its native environment.  Though indoor growing conditions somewhat limit their size, these beauties can eventually reach the ceiling in your home.

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