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Low Maintenance String of Pearls Houseplant

Strands of pea-like foliage inspired the common name of the easy care succulent String of Pearls

Grow String of Pearls in a well-drained potting mix in front of a sunny window. Allow the long stems to cascade over the edge of a container or shelf. Or grow it in a wide shallow container where the long stems can root in to create a dense mat.

Like other succulents, water thoroughly when the top few inches of soil are dry. Avoid overwatering that can lead to root rot and death of the plant.

Move it to a cool, 55 to 60-degree, location for winter and keep the soil a bit drier. This helps stimulate summer bloom. The fluffy white flowers are small but have an impressive spicy fragrance.  

Start new plants by rooting 3 to 4 inch stem tip cuttings. Remove the bottom few leaves and place the cutting on or the cut end in moist potting mix.

A bit more information:  You may find this plant listed by its former scientific name Senecio rowleyanus or by its latest name Curio rowleyanus. It is a member of the daisy family and native to dry areas of the eastern Cape of South Africa.


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