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Living Christmas Tree

Enjoy the beauty of the holidays while expanding your landscape with a living Christmas tree.

Locate a nursery or Christmas tree farm that sells living trees.   Select a tree suited to your holiday celebration, landscape design and growing conditions.  

Dig a hole, if your ground isn’t frozen, large enough to accommodate the tree.  Cover the hole to avoid injury and store the soil in a frost-free location.   Keep your tree outdoors in a protected location and water as needed.  

Move the tree inside just prior to your celebrations.  Minimize its time indoors so it won’t start growing and need to remain inside until the weather is right for planting.

Gradually move dormant trees outdoors after the holidays.  Once adapted, plant, water and mulch.  And protect it from winter wind and sun the first season.

A bit more information:  Trees that sprout indoors should be moved to a cool bright location.  Water thoroughly whenever the top few inches of soil are starting to dry.  If the tree is dormant but the soil is frozen and can’t be planted, you can still move it outdoors.  Set the tree in a protected location outdoors and cover the container or balled in burlap roots with woodchips, topsoil or other insulating material.  Water whenever the soil is thawed and dry.


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