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Knowing When to Water Houseplants

Proper watering is important to keeping our plants, indoors and out, healthy. But knowing when to water houseplants has sent many gardeners running to the silk plant aisle of the garden center.

Don’t let this task stop you from starting or expanding your indoor garden.  Instead, use your finger as a moisture meter. Poke it into the top inch of potting mix. When the potting mix is just starting to dry it is time to water most houseplants. Water thoroughly and pour the excess out of the saucer. Or place pebbles in the saucer to elevate the pot above the excess water.

Soon you will be able to abandon the finger test for visual clues.  Water plants when the leaves look a bit less perky, not yet wilting, and a bit off color. Or use the lift test. You’ll find the pot will be much lighter when the plant is in need of water.

A bit more information: When potting mixes dry out they are often hard to rewet.  Place your houseplant in a container of lukewarm water until the potting mix is thoroughly moistened.


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