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Keeping Your Christmas Tree Watered

Keep the Christmas tree stand filled with water and your tree will stay fresh throughout the holidays. This is easier said than done.

Try assigning someone looking to get on Santa’s Good List to this task. They’ll need to check stands with smaller reservoirs and freshly installed trees several times a day. Once a day should be enough for most stands after that.

Reduce your workload and increase your success by investing in a tree stand with a larger reservoir. The National Christmas Tree Association recommends using a tree stand that holds one quart of water for every inch of trunk.

Or purchase or make a Christmas tree watering system. Use a bucket or tin as an additional water reservoir.  Employ tubing to move the water from this container to the tree stand as needed.  Test the system before abandoning your daily watering schedule or leaving town for the weekend.

A bit more information:  Put any spare branches to work in holiday centerpieces and decorations. Protect woodwork and furniture from sap that can drip from cut branches. Place paper or fabric beneath the branches for added color and protection.


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